Tooth implant process

Modern dentistry has provided advanced technologies and solutions to solve many problems related to dental implants. Dental implants are the process of replacing missing teeth with artificial teeth. Provides the same comfort, look, and feel to everyone. To briefly explain the dental implant process, it can be said that firstly, the fixator is inserted inside the jaw. The crown is placed on the implant so that the structure resembles that of other natural teeth. The person receives the appropriate medication so that he can relax. Then the affected area is anesthetized, on which the expert must operate. The process will be easy to understand by following the following steps:

Dental implants are generally performed in two steps, as they include two surgeries:

First surgery

In the first surgery, the accessories are inserted into the jaw. An incision or cut is made on the surface of the gums where there are no teeth.

This further exposes the primary bone. Continuous drilling is made to make an opening in the bone where the piece must later be inserted. During the examination of this bone density through X-rays, a bone graft is made when necessary to replace it with thicker bone.

The implants are then rolled or wrapped at the prepared site.

The site will then be closed for a period of three to four months. During this period the fusion between the piece and the jaw occurs.

The person receives some instructions. Medications and many antibiotics are given. A person has to make several visits to the dentist. You have to keep your teeth very clean and not put too much pressure on the jaw.

The second surgery

During the second surgery, when the stent is fused firmly, the stents are fused. Struts are small connectors made of metal. The cut is made to expose the implant.

Cap or struts are attached to the fixture. Some doctors put the caps on in the first surgery and let the portion fuse. This saves time for a second surgery.

The last and final step in dental implants is to replace the cap with the impression shaft. The impression is taken on the teeth, the post, and the surrounding teeth. The lid is replaced for two to three weeks when the portion is restored.

The restoration is similar to a crown that is attached to the abutment or direct part.

There is a single tooth implant to replace a single tooth and multiple teeth to replace multiple teeth or to support bridges. The second surgery takes less than an hour compared to the first. Use a soft toothbrush for proper abutment cleaning after dental implants.

These accessories prevent moving the teeth. The ideal person for dental implants is one who has not taken much medication, does not suffer from bleeding disorders, is in good financial health, and has an adequate jaw to support the implant.