Tips for purchasing leather holsters

Most users purchase their small firearm after doing extensive research to ensure that they get the best weapon they can afford. However the performance of the handgun will depend to some extent on the holsters which are being used since it is important to draw the weapon quickly whenever it has to be used. Though Kydex holsters are becoming popular in the last few decades and the best kydex iwb holster is sometimes the right solution, these holsters have some disadvantages compared to Leather holsters which have been used for centuries. Some of considerations while purchasing leather holsters and their advantages are discussed.

One of the main advantages of using leather holsters is that they are extremely comfortable compared to other materials, since leather is a natural material. Smaller holsters are also light weight, so the person wearing it will not even notice the additional weight. The holsters usually have a lining made from cloth or suede which will protect the weapon when it is being drawn, unlike Kydex which often causes scratches on the weapon. Leather is used extensively for fashion accessories, so a leather holster is more fashionable. Also if proper care is taken, the leather holster can last for many years since leather is very durable.

leather holster

One of the main considerations while selecting a leather holster is the type of holster required and weapon for which it will be used. Users can choose from inside the waistband (IWB) holsters, if they want the weapon to be concealed, outside the waistband (OWB) holster if they want it to be easily accessed, or on the shoulder if comfort is more important. It should be noted that shoulder holsters are larger in size and more expensive compared to other holsters. Though many people who are using their weapon for self defense are preferring IWB holsters for concealing their weapon, these are less comfortable because in some cases, they dig into the body.

Another important consideration while purchasing the holster is the draw speed. It should be easy to draw the weapon from holster to use it, it should not get stuck. It is also advisable to check the design of the holster, to ensure that it can be carried comfortably and does not cause any marks on the skin and does not start sagging after it is carried for a longer period of time. The holster should also fit the handgun properly, the weapon should remain in place even if the person is walking fast, running or involved in other physical activities.

Many buyers, for example people who search for baby eagle holsters, are preferring Leather holsters because they are more fashionable, so it is important to ensure that they are well designed and stylish. These holsters are usually expensive, so it is advisable to check the durability of these holsters whether the seller is offering any kind of warranty on the design. Though the life of the holster depends on whether the user is taking proper care, cleans it regularly to remove dirt, there are some companies which offer a lifetime warranty. Thus based on the type of handgun, and purpose for which the handgun is being used, the right leather holster should be selected.