Things you need to know about automobile technology

The automotive industry is rapidly growing and developing new features that appreciate technology. These improvements are changing the traditional ways of doing things, therefore, forcing people to adapt to fast-growing technology.

Things you need to know about automobile technology
The automobile industry has employed use machine vision and LiDAR CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) laser to automated vehicles or in short Lidar CMOS laser. These are the affects you need to know from advanced automobile technology.
• Driverless google cars: These cars have LiDAR sensors, an itof sensor and cameras mounted on their roof to create a 3D map of their routes or surrounding.
• Automated cruise control: Machine vision has resulted in vehicles that will only require you to set the speed and then move as if you were driving by yourself. The technology allows the car to adjust according to traffic changes.
• Laser-controlled cars: These cars have an advantage over the googles’ vehicles in that the control system is fit within the car body, and the information collected by cameras is compared with the 3-dimensional digital maps.
• Enhanced inspection: Deploying Camera and LiDAR technology allows control at high speeds and for the most complicated images.
• Machine vision reduces production costs by detecting defective parts at early stages as well as reliable testing for functionality during production.