The Best Holster Belt

Holster belt is just as important as your gun. Most people overlook this critical component of concealed carry. For accessibility, security, and comfort, you must get a good carry belt. The belt should be thick and firm. It needs a very heavy duty canvas for tactical wear and has to be expertly crafted. The belt should be around 1.25 inches wide 0.25 inches thick. The buckle should not be overlooked and must be of high quality as the rest of the belt to keep everything in place. A good belt needs to be durable enough and supportive to keep the weapon stable enough.

If your belt is not strong enough, your holster will pull and warp and come with the gun to some degree and this can cost your life in situations where you need to draw your gun. The belt should keep the weight of extra ammunition, firearm, and other accessories evenly distributed. It’s vital that you consider comfort in all of your choices when it comes to holster belt. If your belt looks way too big it’s likely that a casual observer may notice it and realize that you are carrying a firearm.

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Below are the best recommendations for the best holster belt.

  • Magpul Gun Belt. It belongs to those who want a low profile belt. It’s made entirely of leather and polymer interior which keeps the leather from becoming too soft. Polymer maintains a rigid nature which allows the belt to support the weapon.
  • Tactical trainer belt: It’s a very strong belt designed to support the weight of a full-sized metal gun. The belt buckle is stainless and coated in black to avoid drawing attention.
  • Daltech Force Steelcore: This is designed like a regular belt. It has a steel core inside to provide reinforcement.

When choosing the best holster belt, make sure you have the right balance of rigidity, concealment, and comfort.