Tactical bulletproof vest design

With shootings in public places frequently reported in the media, many people are worried that they will become the next victim. If they live in high crime areas this can be a major problem. Hence they are interested in purchasing a tactical bulletproof vest of good quality and reasonable price. There are a number of suppliers of bulletproof vests available, and some tips for purchasing a bulletproof vest are provided. It should be noted that the vest will also usually protect the wearer against knife and sword attacks since the material used can also block sharp objects.

The tactical vest is made up of layers of bulletproof fabric, usually Kevlar. It is important that the seller specifies that the vest has been tested by a reputed organization to ensure that it is bulletproof. Usually the National Institute of Justice of America is considered to be certifying organization for the vest, and the vest should provide at least Level IIIA ballistic protection. The vest will usually have a air mesh so that there is enough air flow around the body of the wearer. It will also have padding on the front and back, shoulders for additional comfort. There may a provision for adding inserts.

tactical vest in action

The vest is usually available in different sizes, and the person wearing it should choose the right size. The vest is unisex and can be worn by both men and women. The vest is usually adjustable so that it fit users of all sizes properly. Compared to the bulletproof armor worn earlier, the vest is fairly lightweight, usually weighing 3 kg or less. The vest is usually designed to maximize the comfort of the wearer, and is water proof. The warranty offered by the seller of the vest is an indication of the quality of the vest, and most sellers will offer a warranty of at least five years on the vest.