How Would You Summarize 2020?

2020 was a year that most of us were not expecting. With high hopes for the New Year, it wasn’t long before many started to worry about a new global pandemic. In the United States, schools were shut down, everyone was told to stay home, and many people found themselves out of work. While things did open up more throughout the year, the threat of the virus was still large and mask mandates were put into place to help keep others safe. By the end of the year, the Covid-19 vaccine was designed and began to be distributed.

In addition to dealing with all of the parts of Covid-19, many riots and protests began to take over the country against police brutality against black individuals. After the death of George Floyd, the country erupted and groups like Black Lives Matter and more started to take over different cities in order to get their message out there. In some areas like in Washington, these groups were able to take over full parts of the city.

The 2020 election turned into a tumultuous show as well. Joe Biden and Donald Trump faced off together with two different views on how to handle pretty much everything in the country. From how to handle Covid-19, how to handle trade, and even taxes, there was not much the two parties agreed on. The election ended in favor of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, though a large number of people on the Republican side, and even some on the Democrat side, worried about the legitimacy of the election and whether the abnormalities seen where fraud or just the result of more voters voting by mail.

The year of 2020 has been a long one for everyone, from the crazy election, many protests, and families struggling to get through the pandemic and help their children get the best education possible while being sent home.