How Long Does Dental Implant Pain Last?

Dental implant placement can make a significant difference to your appearance, confidence, and overall quality of life. People who require it tend to worry about the duration of dental implant pain associated with the procedure. Here is a pain timeline to help you know what you should expect after the procedure.

dental implant surgery

During Surgery

Just like other procedures at the dentist, dental implant surgery will involve the administration of local anesthesia to the surgery site. The injection will numb the surrounding area. Consequently, you will feel little to no discomfort or pain during the surgery.

Several Hours After

Two to four hours after leaving the dentist’s office, you will most probably start feeling pain while the anesthesia wears off. You might experience a slight throbbing pain in the surgery area and irritation of your gums.

After One Week

Typically, you will feel some pain or pressure during the first week after the procedure, particularly on impact, for example, when clenching your teeth or chewing. Patients tend to take pain medications during this period. There will be swelling as well, but this usually subsides after 3-5 days.

At this point, you will need to continue following the dentist’s recovery instructions.

After Two Weeks

While the exact experience with dental implant pain may vary from one individual to another, the general expectation is for the pain not to last longer than 10 days. That implies you should not be feeling pain two weeks after the surgery.

If you still feel pain after two or more weeks, this could be due to issues like tissue or nerve damage, infection, or a failed implant. You should contact your dentist immediately.

To increase your chances of having a successful implant placement, be sure to choose an experienced dentist. Such a seasoned professional will have helpful advice when you contact him or her to complain of pain. After your surgery, keep the lines of communication open with the dentist. Remember, maintaining good oral hygiene and following the post-surgery instructions will also go a long way toward helping you minimize the duration of dental implant pain.

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