Choosing a suitable Kydex Pancake holster Glock 19

The glock 19 is one of the most popular firearms worldwide. It is used extensively for self defense, hunting, hiking and other applications. So many individuals who use glock 19 are interested in finding a suitable holster so that they can safely and comfortable carry the handgun with them. It should also be easy to remove the glock 19 easily and quickly. These buyers are interested in purchasing a low profile holster so that the weapon can be easily concealed. Hence it they are looking for a holster with a pancake type design. Some of the considerations while purchasing a kydex pancake holster glock 19 are discussed.

Handgun bullets

One of the main considerations for the handgun owner while purchasing a holster, is ensuring that the gun is well protected. It should not get accidentally discharged if the wearer will bump into other objects or drops it. It should protect the gun from scratches and dents. Hence the gun holster is often made from Kydex, which is a tough material and protects the gun. The thickness of the Kydex material used should be sufficient to ensure that it can hold the weight of handgun, and typically 0.8 Kydex is used.The trigger should be covered with a hard material, so that the gun does not go off accidentally.

The holster should be designed so that it is comfortable to wear since it is usually worn for many hours in the day. Hence many of the buyers are likely to purchase an outside the waistband (OWB) holster since the other designs like the inside the waistband (IWB) may dig into the skin. If the holster is not well designed it can cause blisters or irritation. Hence it is advisable to walk around wearing the holster to check if it is fitting properly before deciding to purchase it. In some cases, the Kydex is supplemented with leather for comfort. However, it is more difficult to conceal the OWB holster, so for concealed carry, usually IWB is preferred.

Since the handgun is used mainly for self defense, the user should be able to remove it from the holster quickly in an emergency and use it. It should be easy to put it back into its place. Hence the buyer should look for a holster which is designed for a positive grip. This means that the handgun can be removed from the holster quickly and using only one hand. It should be possible to remove the gun easily and fast under all conditions including when attacker is close by, in a cramped place. There should be a provision for adjusting the holster according to the clothes being worn. The better manufacturers guarantee that the holster will last a lifetime.

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