5 Exercises After Delivery For Flat Stomach

It’s entirely normal to gain extra pounds during pregnancy, as it’s usually evident after delivery. Most moms find it exasperating having excess weight with big postpartum bellies and often look for ways to get their flat stomachs back. While weight loss naturally begins immediately after delivery, incorporating a few exercises hastens it.
Here are a few best exercises to help you get your flat stomach back.

Postpartum planks
You can begin doing postpartum planks a week after a successful vaginal delivery. However, if you delivered through C- section, it’s recommended that you wait for six to seven weeks before you are ready. This exercise builds your core and works your abdominal muscles while burning tummy fat.
The best way to do it as you start is to modify it to become more manageable and advance to the normal plank later. Start by lying flat on a mat and lift your upper body while using your hands and knees as support. Then, advance it by making it more complex until you can do the normal plank.

Heel slides
Heel slides work your abdominals while hitting your upper and lower abdominal muscles perfectly. It’s a good exercise for women delivered through C-section and can start a few weeks after giving birth.
In this exercise, lie flat with your back against a mat on the floor. Slide your heels towards your upper body while they still touch the surface. Bend your leg until you feel pressure on the knee. Hold that position before sliding it back. Repeat the process with the other leg to up to ten or more reps.

Pelvic tilts
Pelvic tilts work your core and burn fat effectively. They may be slightly painful to those delivered through C-section and may have to wait for seven to eight weeks after delivery before they are ready. However, women with successful vaginal delivery can start a week after.
To do this exercise, lie on a mat while raising your hip slightly with a pillow underneath the buttocks. Hold another pillow between your knees with your feet flat on the floor. Breath in while tightening your abs and drawing them in steadily. Hold for four to five seconds before releasing breath and relaxing. Repeat severally to exhaustion. A similar alternative to this exercise is the pelvic bridge workout.

Quadrupled leg lifts
This exercise engages your core while additionally working your hamstrings and glutes. Both women with C-section and vaginal delivery can begin doing it two to three weeks after delivery. To do the exercise, support your body with both hands and knees at right angles to the surfaces and body. Lift each leg, stretching it backward until you engage your core and leg muscles. Repeat severally to exhaustion.

Walking over long distances burns calories faster, especially if incorporated with some bit of jogging. Both women in C-section and vaginal deliveries can start this exercise a week after delivery as it’s entirely safe and painless.
Exercises after delivery can help cut down extra weight gained during pregnancy and finally get a flat stomach. However, it’s always good to listen to how your body responds so that these exercises don’t cause further post-delivery complications.